Direction Artistique et design graphique à Paris

Co-fondateur et Directeur Artistique de °
Chargé de cours de Typographie, assistant de Muriel Paris, à Penninghen °
Designer de pictogrammes °


Art Direction and Graphic design in Paris

Founding member & Art Director of the award-winning non-profit, °
Lecturer at Penninghen, assisting Muriel Paris °
Pictograms designer °



Voxe is a one-of-a kind neutral political programs comparision website.
It is not only a tool, it is also a community: with over 10 elections covered since 2012, more than 100 contributors from diverse backgrounds took part in the platform: students, journalists, politicians... but most of all, Citizens, passionate about changing the relationship between civil society and politicians. Finally, Voxe is a product of collaboration, both upstream and downstream of the elections, as we work open source: sharing is our trademark. Another proof of this statement is that Voxe's apps have been created thanks to voluntary hackers during a Hackathon.



Museum of emoji

Art made in emoji.
Famous works of art turned into icon-based rebuses.
Museum of emoji on Twitter.


Icon Local

In December 2013, Five by Five and I organized the first French IconLocal in Paris.
The goal of the workshop was to invent a visual vocabulary for the components of open data.

Learn more about the event on The Noun Project blog.